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16 Ekim 2021 Cumartesi 9:30



We are delighted to welcome you to the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) and the Turkish Association for the Study of the Liver (TASL) Digital Hepatology Meeting “Clinical Innovations and Controversies in ILC 2021” on October 16, 2021. EASL and TASL have been collaborated to organize educational activities for a long time. We have brought together a series of excellent lectures delivered by a renowned national and international faculty. The program promises high-class educational opportunities for all who are interested in clinical practice and research in hepatology.

The program of this educational activity consist of 4 sessions spanning a whole day. They include Metabolic Liver Diseases, Viral Hepatitis, HCC, and Cirrhosis and Liver Transplantation. To bring out the clinical relevance of the material covered, each session will incorporate case-based discussion by a panel of faculty experts with interactive participation of the audience.

Target audience is gastroenterologist, hepatologists, trainees, infectious disease specialists, emergency physicians, primary care physicians with interest in hepatology, translational and clinical researchers and other health care professionals.


  • One-day of presentations of the current information on the mechanism and management of chronic conditions in hepatology.
    Case-base discussion
    Interactive program promoting networking with renowned scientists and leading experts.
  • The program is organized and delivered by the EASL and TASL, lead by Drs Thomas Berg and Ramazan Idilman. The TASL and EASL wish you an enjoyable meeting. They are enthusiastic that you will find the program stimulating and informative.


BEST OF EASL ILC at TASL - Clinical innovations and Controversies


16 October 2021

9:20-9:30 Welcome and Opening Ceremony

9:30-11.00 Metabolic Liver Diseases: NAFLD/ALD

Moderators: Nurdan Tözün, Elisabetta Bugianesi

09.30-09.45 Strategies for assessing liver disease severity and prognosis in NAFLD: Jerome Boursier, France 

09.45-10.00 Linking histopathology features with disease mechanisms in ALD: Caroline Lackner, Austria

10.00-10.15 New data from ILC 2021: Massimo Pinzani, UK

10.15-11.00 Case presentation and Panel discussion - clinical innovations and controversies

Presenter: Arif Mansur Coşar

Panelists: Fulya Günşar, Yusuf Yılmaz, Müjdat Zeybel, Emmanuel Tsochatzis, Caroline Lackner, Massimo Pinzani

11.00-11.15 BREAK

11.15-12.45 Cirrhosis and Liver Transplantation

Moderators: Thomas Berg, Zeki Karasu,

11.15-11.30 Liver transplantation in patients with ACLF: Thierry Gustot, Belgium

11.30-11.45 Old drugs for novel treatment strategies in cirrhosis: Elisa Pose, Spain

11.45-12.00 New data from ILC 2021: Didier Samuel, France

12.00-12.45 Case presentation and Panel Discussion - clinical innovations and controversies

Presenter: Gözde Derviş Hakim

Panelists: Yaman Tokat, Meral Akdoğan, Murat Akyıldız, Elisa Pose, Didier Samuel

12.45-13.30 LUNCH BREAK

13.30-15.00 Viral Hepatitis

Moderators: Maria Buti, Cihan Yurdaydın

13.30-13.45 WHO new guidance on Viral Hepatitis elimination: Philippa Easterbrook, Switzerland

13.45-14.00 HBsAg and serum RNAs as markers to detect and quantify HBV integrates: Ivana Carey UK 

14.00-14.15 New data from ILC 2021: Anna Lok, US

14.15-15.00 Case presentation and Panel discussion - clinical innovations and controversies

Presenter: Remzi Akdoğan

Panelists: Halis Şimşek, Suna Yapalı, Bülent Değertekin, Philippa Easterbrook, Ivana Carey, Anna Lok  

15.00-15.15 BREAK

15.15-16.45 HCC

Moderators: Maria Reig, Sabahattin Kaymakoğlu,

15.15-15.30 How are the new phase III data changing the treatment landscape of unresectable HCC?: Lorenza Rimassa, Italy

15:30-15:45 Immunotherapy in HCC: Bruno Sangro, Spain

15.45-16.00 New data from ILC 2021: Josep Llovet, US

16.00-16.45 Case presentation and Panel Discussion – clinical innovations and controversies

Presenter: Diğdem Özer Etik

Panelists: Ulus S Akarca, Ömer Özbakır, Levent Doğanay, Lorenza Rimassa, Josep Llovet, Alejandro Forner